Even in the Suffering

“You’re already doing it now. Will I have the confidence to believe You?” Those were the words that reverberated in my heart as I woke up, my eyes barely open enough to make out the vague shape of my journal and reach for my flashlight. It’s been a while, I know. But I had this […]

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Alone in the Desert

A time of preparation. A time of life-altering, growth and deeper rootedness in God. A time of deep character and identity forging. Forging. Yes, that’s a perfect description because the fires of the desert are completely intense and painfully altering.

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To My Fellow “Waiters”

I dedicate this post to little Michael and his dear family. I’m excited to meet you after such a looooooong wait! =) Right now, I’m waiting… I’m waiting on a great many things in my life, but chiefly I am waiting on God in each situation. At present, I am waiting for a child to […]

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