Breaking Focus

Stillness on a sunny day

What do you do when you’re waiting for God to come through?

Be still and pay attention.

In this season of waiting, I feel an intense boxing in that I only vaguely remembering experiencing before.

It tends to mean breakthrough is near…

Despite all natural indicators to the contrary.

It seems that NOW is the time to lean in and trust more than ever as the Lord does His work, but there seem to be no open doors.

And as every way back and forward is blocked, and door closed, there is an expectancy that can bubble up in the midst of the waiting portion of our show.

While holding in tension the painful realities of this space, it’s simply comical how tight this moment is, where there is no where to turn and no where to land.


In the space I’m in, there’s much I could do according to the ways of man, to bring this awful tension to an end, but there is this inner knowing, this constraint that holds me back.

It’s actually not fear or complacence or an inability to execute.

It’s a simple knowing that “it’s time for the Lord to work…”

And as He reminds me of all the things I have been hoping, believing, praying for…

He reminds me He hasn’t forgotten, but is just getting ready for presenting His open door.

There is a quiet patience this place of waiting requires and a tenacity that is not for the fainthearted.

To stay still when everything around you calls, “Move!” is a feat that can only be accomplished as you stay attuned to the Savior.

So as I walk out what I am having a challenging time describing, I feel faith rising that what I sense to be true, what I am choosing to believe, what I am hearing God speak and following in obedience is leading somewhere good.

This is the solid uncertain space of faith in God’s Word.

He’s coming through— How? I don’t know.

So it’s only by staying still and keeping both arms in the vehicle that I will arrive at the destination all this journey is headed for.

Because faith finds its way by waiting for God to open the door…

And walking straight forward once it comes into the fore.

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