Heart Pace

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It’s so much slower dealing with the heart.

I am finding that the more I desire to live from my heart, to lean into the whispers of the Spirit I find so clear when I lean into my heart…

The more I have to actually attend to my heart and its pace.

I have work to do. Pages to read. Lectures to listen to. Research proposals to revise and offer up for peer collaboration.

I am gloriously behind.

But my heart.

After all of the waves and breakers that have washed over me in the form of difficulty of all forms…housing, family, friends, health, peace, and other forms of well being amongst a pandemic season, I find my heart wanting me to…


I can keep running, keep going, pick up the slack, stop the hemorrhaging of extra points from turning in late work and missing discussion board posts.


That is the uncomfortable part. That “or.”

So as I listen and discern, knowing that the Spirit of God does not leave behind my heart in a bifurcated, modernist fashion…

I have to quiet my heart, pour out my heart, hide my heart in the shadow of the wings of the One Who knows me best, the One Who is with me most.

It means opening myself up to the unknown and not just settling into comfort and what is seen…

Because His Voice is whispering.

“Come, Sheree. Come with Me.”

I know I have to leave. I know I want to. I know I’m scared to. I know I can’t afford not to.

So into the Arms of Love I leap.

I let go of the things keeping me…

And plunge into the ocean of more than my imaginings…

At His word, “Come,” I come…

And find the path continues onward into more hopes and dreams that need His tending.

For the Shepherd is shepherding me at my heart’s pace. It is His grace.

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